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The process or activity of promoting the business and distribution of its products and services is known as Marketing. It remains the oxygen of businesses and creates market for the organization’s products to be consumed. Marketing can also be understood as advertising of business, which includes publicity, advertising and media, motivating consumers to give their attention towards the company and its products and services. It includes promotion, purchasing, selling, publicity, and distribution of goods and services.  Marketing is a major tool of business management and includes market research, consumer behaviour and promotional activities like offers, advertising and survey.

Marketing in general was used as shopping or exchanging of goods for money, before 1920. It was later developed as an important branch of business management, which analysed consumer base for the products and services and provides support to the business through making its market. It helps increasing the organization’s acceptability in people by using effective marketing strategy.

Marketing can be categorized in many sub-branches such as: Relationship Marketing, Relationship Management, Business Marketing, Social Marketing and Company Branding. All branches have separate processes to promote and highlight the products in saturated markets but have the same goal which remains to obtain the maximum business shares in the market or to develop a new market for the company’s services and products all together.

Marketing works on consumer behaviour and uses basic principles of Psychology and Sociology with approach for sales. It augments the mental acceptability of products so that majority of people can use it frequently and companies could enjoy maximum market shares. Marketing experts study and research on both available and could-be markets along with present and future consumers to come up with effective and fruitful marketing plans. It builds relationship between consumer and the brand at many levels to make a bond between the two. It approaches the people and tries to convert them into regular brand consumers. Usually, brands use marketing to get favours of markets at their side to get maximum profits.

In present days, companies and brands have developed new ideas for marketing and are using latest communication methods to spread their brands’ very own wavelength to each prospective consumer out there. They are now using state-of-the-art information technology, including, newsletters,  email, SMS and MMS to create brand awareness among consumers.

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