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Did you ever wonder why food rates rise when gas prices hike? Or why you can’t get a good interest rate on your savings account? These phenomena can be explained through the study of economics.
Economics is a study of production and consumption of goods and the transfer of wealth to produce and obtain the produced/consumed goods. Economics elaborates how people interact with markets to get what they need and accomplish their certain goals. Since Economics is a moving force of human interaction, studying it often uncovers people and government behaviours.

Adam Smith is known as the Father of Economics, who established first modern economic theory called the Classical School, in the year 1776. Smith believed that people who acted in their individual self interest produced goods and wealth that was fruitful to all of society. He believed that governments should not restrict and interfere in markets because they could regulate themselves and, thus, procure wealth at maximum efficiency. Classical theory forms the basis of capitalism and is seen even today.

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Economics deals with a vast assortment of topics at both the microeconomics and macroeconomics levels. 


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If you have doubts concerning the close relationships among various fields of knowledge, you would like to consider a large part of economics to be tied with mathematics, specifically the Game Theory. The American Economics Group is a group of professional economists whose expertise and technical advancement has been providing extraordinary leadership in economic analysis for over 25 years.


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