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The fundamental nature of business is known to raise funds from investors in order to fund projects that end up returning more money to investors. The main aim of a company should be to try to raise enough money to fund every project with positive NPV. Thus, the available financing options to a company can only differ depending on the company size. The activity of using scarce resources from individuals that we choose to invest in for the firm or business is the essence of managing finance for the corporate. 

Capital exists in two forms such as: debt and stock equity. These two claims are utilized to represent what individuals have invested into the firm. Expecting to become wealthier as a result, Investors and shareholders provide capital to the firm. Corporations use this source of scarce capital to invest in real assets in order to produce current and future real goods and services in the economy. The debt and stock holders that provide these scarce resources to the corporation expect to earn adequate rate of return on their financial investments.

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